Pope Pius X Recognition

Pope Pius X Recognition - Archdiocese of San Francisco



Catechists and Youth Ministry Leaders

The Archdiocese  specially appreciates the years of service in the catechetical field.  In support of our many catechists the following are given:

5 years—Catechetical Pin

10 years—Pius X medal with chain in gift box

15 years—Paper weight  with cross

20 years—Engraved paper weight with Mary

25 years—  Engraved Wooden Plaque with cross

30 years—Papal Blessing

35—40 years—Engraved Pen Stand with cross


Parish Catechetical  Leaders

For Directors/Coordinators of catechetical programs, the Archdiocese recognizes years of ministry (in 5 year increments) within each person's field of expertise and work.  Ministers of parish catechetical programs, youth ministry, adult faith formation, sacramental  catechists and special religious faith formation are all part of this recognition.


The 5 year award is a medallion of the Archdiocese of San Francisco with engraved  years of service.

10 years is an engraved 4”by 4” Black Marble with medallion

15 years  or more is an engraved 6” by 9” plaque with medallion


All come with a recognition certificate                    


Youth Service Award

The Youth Service Award is for high school seniors who have exemplified a particularly strong dedication to serving your parish community and its programs (ie. Religious Education, Youth Ministry).  These are the teens that you have seen outstanding leadership skills in and would like to specially honor at the Pius X Awards. Those on this form will be presented with a certificate of recognition. It would be a kind gesture to invite their parents and/or family members to the awards ceremony.