Youth Confirmation



Youth Confirmation within the Archdiocese of San Francisco takes place between 8th grade and the end of high school. Take a look at the following guidelines we have set forth for the Archdiocese of San Francisco

Confirmation Assessment (ACRE)

The NCEA ACRE is a tool that is to be used at the beginning of the Confirmation process to assess what the candidates already know and to tailor your curriculum based on the areas needing more review/time. As you prepare to administer the NCEA Level 2 ACRE to your first year Confirmation students, our office would like to help and support you in whatever way we can during this preparation time.

Here you will find resources that best explain the NCEA ACRE’s purpose, distinguish the difference between an “assessment” and a "test,"

We ask that you look at the above two documents to best understand what the NCEA ACRE is all about. Additional resources, such as the administration manual, interpretation manual, sample questions and ordering form can be found here:

We will have booklets in our office that can be borrowed for your use and returned back to us. We also want to remind you that our office will be receiving the overall composite results of the whole Archdiocese (not any individual or parish results), which will be shared with all parish catechetical leaders. 
Once again, please look over the helpful documents attached above. We thank you all for your cooperation.

Archdiocesan Confirmation Retreats

Archdiocesan Confirmation Retreats

Only have a few students in your program? Or need a retreat for your students that aren't able to attend their own parish Confirmation retreat?

That's what the Archdiocesan Confirmation Retreats are for!

Youth Confirmations

Archdiocese of San Francisco Confirmation Schedule

Here is the schedule of Confirmations around the Archdiocese of San Francisco. If you need to send people to another parish for confirmation, please contact the pastor of the parish you need for confirmation.