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Strong Catholic Families - NFCYM

"What you do in your family to create a community of love, to help each other to grow, and to serve those in need is critical, not only for your own sanctification but for the strength of society and our church. It is a participation in the work of the Lord, a sharing in the mission of the church. It is holy."

                                                                                                                                                                          U.S. Catholic Bishops. Follow the Way of Love


Program Helps:

One Page  Informational Flyer

Diocesan Coordinator's Manual

Cultivating a Home Grown Faith

Cultivating a Home Grown Faith

This six hour in-service presents a blueprint to assist church leaders and volunteers in building a vital partnership between the Domestic and Institutional Church in order to support families to grow a lasting and sustained faith.

Strong Catholic Family Faith!

Welcome to Strong Catholic Family Faith!

This website has been created by catechetical and evangelization staff from the Catholic dioceses of Jefferson City, MO (Jim Kemna); San Jose, CA (Wendy Scherbart); and St. Petersburg, FL (Diane Kledzik) to provide parish and school leaders with high quality resources to build strong Catholic families.  All three are active in the Strong Catholic Families Strong Catholic Youth initiative. Joining their team is Denise Utter from the Diocese of Joliet, IL who shares their passion for building strong Catholic families. All four diocesan leaders are members of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, (NCCL), and have become increasingly aware of the importance of family in the process of faith formation. This curated site is designed to assist parish and school catechetical leaders in supporting and resourcing families in their efforts to offer quality faith formation for children and families.  Catechetical leaders can glean ideas from this site to supplement current activities or to suggest specific links to families.  Please visit often for fresh ideas and resources to better partner with parents in bringing home the faith.