Quality Unit Award

Of prime importance to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting® is concern for top-quality Catholic chartered Scouting units. This program exists to promote Catholic membership and to:

  • Promote and recognize effective youth and adult leadership in fostering teachings of the Catholic Church, and
  • Recognize outstanding and prestigious Catholic Scout Units and Recognize Catholic chartering organizations, and
  • Provide each Catholic youth with a deeper understanding of their Catholic teachings in the area of religious, vocational & educational aspects through participation in the BSA program(s) by participation in units under Catholic-sponsored organizations, and
  • Recognize and respect those of different faith. Not all members need to be Catholic.


  • Eligibility is that unit be chartered by a Catholic sponsored organization, e.g. Parish, Knights of Columbus, Parish School, Knights of St. Peter Claver, etc.
  • BSA packs, troops, crews or ships chartered to Catholic parishes, schools or organizations may earn this award.
  • Requirement areas cover adult training and leadership, service by the unit, religious emblems, religious activities, vocation awareness, relationships and membership.
  • Units may earn this recognition on their own merit for a particular charter or calendar year and may re-earn it in succeeding years if the requirements are met yearly.
  • After meeting the requirements, sign the application below and submit it with the proper fee to your Diocesan Catholic Committee or office for Scouting. The Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting will review this application and consolidate orders from eligible units onto one order form.

Application Form: