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Archdiocesan Information on Catholic Girl Scouting

Concern regarding the placement of Catholic Girl Scouting in relationship to Catholic Teachings has been answered with the following pieces of information.

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Catholic Scouting Guidance

USCCB statement

Archdiocese of San Francisco Committee on Catholic Scouting

The Archdiocese of San Francisco Catholic Scouting Committee is committed to the guidance and leadership of the Catholic scouts in their spiritual growth. The committee works with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Scouts to provide qualified councilors to administer the Catholic Religious Awards and Emblems program. The Awards and Emblems are presented at an Archdiocesan Liturgy once a year. For more information on programs and activities contact a member of the committee.


Sr. Celeste Arbuckle, SSS
Director of OREYM, Training, Awards & Publicity
(415) 614-5652
1 Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco, CA 94109

Cynthia Calhoun Dragon
Training for Awards
(415) 584-9836 | (415) 731-1305 | fax:(415) 584-0271


Jim  Dragon
Training for Awards
(415) 584-9836 | (415) 731-1305 | fax:(415) 584-0271


Mike Verducci
Chairperson, Training for Awards & Recruiting
(650) 366-4566 | (650) 424-6296


Michael O’Malley
(650) 438-5671


Norman Ten
Training for Awards & Recruiting
(415) 584-5548 | (415) 353-0461