Adult Faith Formation

Alpha Catholic Program


 Fr. Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household for over 31 years is fond of saying; “It is the Alpha course, not the Alpha and Omega course. Alpha focuses on the kerygma, which is the starting point of faith. After people come to a living faith in Jesus then they need to be formed in the faith which is up to other parish programs to do.”

Alpha is very effective as a means of bringing people to this "starting point of faith," an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus.  Alpha's introduces people to Jesus while teaching the foundational elements of our faith. 


During the meeting in Baltimore, “missionary discipleship” emerged as a central theme of a V Encuentro. In addition, they defined the spirituality of encuentro and accompaniment as an illustration of the Bible passage of The Road to Emmaus, which ends with the Disciples joyfully walking toward Jerusalem. Moreover, they emphasized the necessity for a continual pastoral conversation that allows the Church, consistent with its missionary nature, to respond with more fidelity and enthusiasm to the Hispanic/Latino presence in parishes and dioceses. The Church will empower the Hispanic/Latino people to live their vocation more fully as joyful missionaries to the whole Church.


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Within the joys and hopes

 struggles and challenges, dreams and visions

 griefs and anxieties, 

 prayers and reaching out of everyone of us 

there is the need for growth, 

the desire for deepening formation, ever-growing closer to our God, 

one another and all of God's creation.


Little Rock Scripture Program

Little Rock

Materials for group Bible study are available in English and in Spanish. 

(El EBLR estudios están disponibles en inglés y Español.)


Adult faith formation requires a unique approach, so that it can address the needs of those who are new to the Catholic faith as well as those Catholics who are seeking to deepen their faith. In this section you will find tips and ideas for making your adult faith formation ministry a success.


Our mission has expanded in scale and scope since we were founded in 2004. In 2008, we became part of Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry (STM), and today we offer more than 35 courses per year, serving over 2000 participants.

Our new name, STM Online: Crossroads, emphasizes our affiliation with STM and our commitment to online faith formation that engages adults at the crossroads of

life and faith

theology and ministry 

action and contemplation



This integration of actual life experience, diverse adult learning needs, the study of Scripture, and the teaching of the Church's tradition will create a vibrant learning environment. It will also challenge the creativity of those who establish the direction, plan the content, and provide programs of adult faith formation. Meeting the challenge will be both demanding and rewarding. For guidance, we offer the following goals, principles, content, and approaches.


Find documents and pastorals from the USCCB and the Vatican

Word on Fire

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Word on Fire presents a variety of adult faith formation programs for use as a parish and indivdiuals in learning and deeping one's faith.